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My wife-to-be has challenged me to do only Simply Filling this week… with her! We will keep each other accountable and on track. I couldn’t be more thankful! Here’s the breakfast she made us! I’ll post as many meal pics as I can! :)

Look good, feel good! Never forget that!!

Colbie Caillat Is Tired of Being Photoshopped: Here's What She Did About It

More celebrities need to preach this. So proud of her.

Meal prep Sundays!

Now that the craziness from the move has FINALLY started to settle down, my fiancée and I are starting to settle into more of a routine here. I start my new job this week, so we knew we needed to put a little forethought into the preparation this weekend. And, of course, as two people who want to be living as healthy a lifestyle as possible, that meant doing some meal prep! We didn’t go too big into it this week (although we discussed a few things we want to do/plan for next weekend, such as a crockpot recipe), but we did get a lot of the basics down. We made muffins and hard boiled eggs for quick on-the-go breakfasts, as well as a GIANT fruit salad. We also have a lot of leftover chicken and veggies from the 4th of July BBQ, which we can each use for lunches as well. We additionally bought some easy-to-pack snacks. I even bought a cute little lunchbox for work too, and we stocked our tupperware cabinet full, so it’s ready for us! So, here’s to jumping back on the healthy train full force, even with a VERY busy schedule ahead!!

Happy 4th of July! I’m repping the red, white, and blue today! :)

Bananas and mangos are all cut up and in a bag in the freezer waiting to be blended into some “froyo” with my Yonanas machine tonight!!

My fiancée and I made a lovely, healthy dinner and dessert last night! I got the Chicken Rollatini (chicken breast stuffed with spinach and ricotta) recipe from SkinnyTaste and I got the Black Bean Brownies recipe (which I’d made before) from ChocolateCoveredKatie. Both were AMAZING! I would highly recommend either! Loving healthy cooking with my amazing girl! :)

This is so very true - we often forget this.

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Back in the game! After about a month of zero tracking due to my move and the general craziness of life, I’m back on track. Today started with careful measuring of both my cereal and milk and tracking of those points in my electronic tracker. I’ve really gotta work my butt off if I want to drop those few extra pounds to be in the goal range by next month’s weigh in, but I have faith that if I focus and exercise, I’ll do it! I don’t think I’m going to make the gym today because the movers will be here all day and then I have a job interview, but I will go tomorrow! Here’s to re-dedication!

Reward purchase: Yonanas machine

I’ve had the Yonanas machine on my reward list for a while now, and while in Bed, Bath, & Beyond today I came across one at 50% discount, so I went for it! I’ll be trying it after my next grocery shopping trip (I don’t have the fruit now), and I’m excited! Updates to come! :)

Heading off to yet another interview! The best thing about having to do these interviews is that I’ve built up my professional wardrobe and learned how to dress in a manner I feel really comfortable with! :)

Still on the hunt for the best place to buy fruit here… We shall see!

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I’m reblogging the sponsored post… but honestly, I love this! :)

I’m reblogging the sponsored post… but honestly, I love this! :)

Adjusting post-move

So, we’ve been here for a little over a week, and it’s definitely been hectic! The good notes are that I adore the area, love our house more than anything, and am just feeling as though this move is right for me overall. I really believe this is what’s best for my life path, and I’m loving starting this new life with my girl. The most stressful time of the move is happening this week, which is why I’m still not back into regular posting. I’m wrapping up things with my old job, scheduling and attending interviews for my job hunt, and having to drive back/forth from where I lived before in order to be there for the movers. It’s a lot this week, but next week should be a lot more low key. I have some great interviews lined up, so I’m hopeful about getting a new job. Once that happens, that’ll take a huge bulk of the stress off me. And once we have our stuff here, we’ll be able to start settling into the house a little easier.

With my weight loss journey, I’ve been maintaining very steadily in the 137-139 range during my morning weight check-ins with the scale. I was really nervous about how the move and stress would affect my weight, but I’ve actually been handling it well. At first we ate out a ton, which wasn’t good at all, and we’ve also been drinking way more than normal (just having beers out on our back patio or going out to happy hour), which I was really nervous would impact things. BUT, we were also moving around a bunch more than normal, because we were running errands and exploring the city, and our new house also has stairs that add a bit to the daily steps routine. Somehow all these things have balanced out. I’m finally getting back into clean eating, since my girl has been grilling for us and we’ve been buying more fresh foods, and I’m trying to cut down on the sugar/alcohol that I added back into my diet, which is actually going well. I have yet to start up tracking my food and points yet, but my goal is to start that next week, once this crazy week is over. I also plan to start working out again regularly next week, since I’ll be unemployed and only focusing on interviews and thus have a lot of free time. Finally, my goal is to attend the Monday night Weight Watchers meeting this upcoming week. I gave myself 2 weeks off for the move, but I really need to get back in that saddle, especially since I can attend meetings for free, so there’s no reason NOT to go!

Okay, that’s my super long weigh-in after a long hiatus. Thank you all for being so patient with my lack of posting. You know I’ll be back full-swing once things settle down again. Hope all of you are doing exceptional in your journeys, and I’ll “talk” to you again soon! <3

Official Monthly Weigh-in

I didn’t go to my Weight Watchers meeting last night because I was just so busy and overwhelmed, but I did go weigh in for the month of June. I’m happy to say that my first month of maintenance was a success, and I weighed in within my Lifetime range! :) This means another free month, which is the best! Now I just have to maintain again through all the insane stress of this move, and soon I’ll be going to meetings in our new state! So crazy to think we’re moving this weekend, but I’m excited!